Integrity, Courage, Vigilance


We are proud to have protected and secured many clients over the years. Below are three reference letters from satisfied customers.

In 2013 through 2016 Ambassador. Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. was contracted to carry out our security needs, and we quickly found out that they were not like every other security company. We found in Ambassador, a professionally-managed company where their ownership, upper level management, and supervisory staff, accompanied their complement of more than twenty-nine to thirty-four sharp, uniformed officers who had an understanding of both security and good professional customer and guest service skills. Each evening crowds gathered as they marched onto the street. Their professional military sharp appearance, enthusiasm, and professional attitudes set the tone for a safe and enjoyable environment for both the merchants and guests on the street.

I am delighted to give this letter of reference for Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. (AWPA). The Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) contracted services with AWPA in July 2014 through June 2019, and were very impressed and completely satisfied with their performance, their professionalism, appearance, and with the manner in which they interacted with members of our management team, field staff, employees, and their interaction with our approximately (6) six million customers that utilize our transportation system annually. Also, we received praises for the Memphis Police Department for our selection.

From 2013 to 2017, Priority Fulfillment Services contacted Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. as our security vendor for the Memphis / Mississippi Region. Ambassador ’s services were flawlessly performed as though to a military cadence. Their managers, supervisors, and complement of officers were among the most professional that I have experienced in the security market. Their schedules were always met and requests for additional emergency security services or add-ons were never an issue.