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Executive Protection

Executive Protection is offered by AWPA to clients that desire enhanced security measures for VIPs. specifically to abate the elevated personal safety risk that arises due to travel, employment, celebrity, wealth, etc. This specialized field of security service is reminiscent of close protection that secures foreign dignitaries, executives, celebrities, etc. and their associates.

Random Security Vehicle Patrols

Unpredictability is an aid in deterring criminal activity. Random security vehicle patrols offer a strategic advantage in the effort to reduce the vulnerability of unoccupied facilities. A thorough patrol service administered by experienced security officers may meet the needs of many organizations to reduce loitering, vandalism, and vagrancy across a variety of commercial properties.

  • Visible Presence – A visible security presence that can deter unlawful activity. For example, teenagers who seek to congregate at an office park are less likely to adopt your location for “party central” if security patrols are in the area. The patrol presence can also be supported with signage that states the facility is patrolled.
  • Random Patterns – Patrols should be conducted at random times and patterns so that loiterers or others engaged in suspicious activity never know when security will be present, making the location less likely to be victimized.
  • Beyond Patrol – Depending on the property and security requirements, the patrol officer can leave their vehicle to check gates, doors and windows and address challenges.
  • Immediate Reporting – Technology solutions allow patrol officers to record and electronically report on site conditions and observations immediately.
  • Cost-Effective – Not every organization can afford, nor is it always necessary to have, a security team present around the clock. Visible patrols provide effective deterrence without full-time staff.

Off Duty Law Enforcement

Off Duty law enforcement officers provide excellent armed security for your varied needs. Our active duty LEO are fully trained, certified, and professional.  Employment with municipal, county, and state law enforcement agencies assures they are vetted and qualified to meet your armed security demands.

  • Agency Tenure
  • Officer Training
  • Agency Specialization
  • Agency Recommendation
  • Previous Assignment(s) with Off Duty Services

Emergency Disaster Forces

In the event of a natural disaster or safety threat, Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency security forces are prepared for swift deployment 24/7 to assist your business or community with rapid, robust solutions, such as:

  • Immediate emergency security
  • Available armed or unarmed officers
  • Security provided for the contingency of alarm failure or civil unrest
  • Development and/or review of Business Continuity/Emergency
  • Response Plans

Security Consulting

As you establish plans to ensure the security of your business, AWPA can assist you in determining the security challenges that are unique to your organization. Our security consulting services aid you in devising effective security plans to secure assets, personnel and information. We offer risk assessment for your organization, compile recommendations to mitigate identified risks, and assist your security team in implementing new security policies, purchasing and operating new equipment and creating procedures to ensure compliance.

Private Military

During times of crisis, government services may be stretched thin. Private military security is an available service that vigilant organizations and firms around the world provide to offer peace of mind to personnel and clients. These services may also supplement government and armed forces, as they are highly trained to offer military style security.

Hotel/Motel Security

Our hotel/motel security services are tailored to the needs of each client. Whether your organization requires security for a special event, an overnight doorman, regular property patrol, or executive protection for high-profile clients we can meet your security needs. We can assist in the establishment/upgrade of 24/7 surveillance monitoring, as well as private investigation as needed. Through consultation, we will partner with your management team and staff to create a comprehensive security plan that is unobtrusive to your guests and works to increase the safety of your employees and patrons.

Parking Lot Security

Recent statistics suggest that ten percent of property crimes occur in parking areas. This rate can hold true despite video surveillance. In addition to security camera systems, an investment in uniformed security professionals engenders a sense of safety amongst your staff and clientele. Uniformed patrols via foot or vehicle deter criminal activity in parking areas and may increase your prominence amid neighboring businesses and/or competitors.

Retail Loss Prevention

As the needs for asset control and retail loss prevention services continues to grow in the US, it is important that retail, manufacturers, and brick & mortar property owners have loss prevention officers with the necessary expertise to control theft and maintain asset control.

From officer training and implementation to complete access control development and plan and program procurement, AWPA can help your retail business be truly protected. Our loss prevention officers are trained to observe, identify, and prevent thefts from occurring both externally and internally at your place of business.
AWPA can provide help with all the following to prevent trade loss:

  • Loss prevention training for employees
  • Investigation into in-store theft and shoplifting
  • Apprehension of suspected shoplifters
  • Follow-up
  • Prevention of retail loss
  • Response to retail loss
  • Resolution for retail loss

Undercover Operatives

Our experienced undercover professional investigators can infiltrate a business as a blue-collar worker or management personnel in a corporate setting. These operations take place at the company facility both during or after business hours in order to monitor and report elicit activities that are being conducted amongst employees such as internal theft, stalking, drugs in the workplace and selling of company secrets.

Every undercover operation is customized based on the needs of the investigation. Every undercover operative inserted into these businesses are handpicked by our senior management and approved upon by the client.

Workforce Strike Security

AWPA strike security officers are routinely called on to act with the highest level of professionalism to ensure events remain non-confrontational. Our uniformed strike security officers have extensive experience and  undergo specialized training for each deployment. We position our strike security officers in highly visible locations and we thoroughly document picket line behavior to support any restraining orders, injunctions, or NLRB hearings related to the strike. These measures, combined with our thorough understanding of strike behavior and dynamics, allow us to prevent most problems from ever occurring.

When a strike occurs – whether expected or unexpected – AWPA’s  strike security professionals can rapidly respond to secure your facilities, deter strike-related violence, and support your continuing operations.

HOA Security (Vacation Checks)

If you live in a community that has a Home Owner’s Association (HOA), you should ask your HOA representatives what they are doing to maintain the safety and security of the residents and homes in your community. Ambassador works to keep your community a safe place to reside, it is an option they should seriously consider.

All homeowners should be concerned about security. Even if you think that you will never be the victim of crime, it is important to know that no one is immune to crime and that it could happen to anybody. Anyone’s home could be invaded. Anyone could be assaulted when walking at night. Anyone could need the help of a security guard. Security guard companies don’t 100% prevent crime from happening in your area, but they are known to be a huge deterrent to crime.

AWPA can help deter unwanted traffic and theft. When people see our patrol cars, potential criminals are less likely to target the homes in your community. It’s a mistake to assume crime won’t happen. A great way to keep the community and residents safe is by hiring AWPA.

School/Campus Safety Officers

AWPA provides traditional security services with a focus on creating the safest environment for all community members.  Our guard services provide entry and exit management, secure the perimeters of your campus, assist with traffic safety, and monitor security equipment.  We also offer emergency notification services to complement the effective timing and process of communicating with your community. All guards are insured and bonded and have undergone thorough background checks and extensive training so they are the right fit for your community.

As one of the “first faces” your community members interact with, AWPA’s security officers are focused on making sure every interaction is a positive reflection of your community. Our personnel are committed to serving as positive role models in your community. With additional training in CPR, First Aid, Emergency Response, and recognizing challenges every child faces, our guards can serve as an additional resource for your community.

Special Events

Special Events can range from political conventions to sports spectaculars, from awards shows and entertainment events to product sales and major corporate marketing events; AWPA provides unparalleled safety, security, and presence to any event.

AWPA provides assistance on advance planning, threat assessment and issue prevention; event crowd control; and when necessary, crisis response. Management is skilled at understanding and planning the event security process and working with the client. While our personnel are trained to be polite, their focus remains on assuring the safety and security of all the event attendees.

Alarm Response

If your business office has a monitored security alarm system and the alarm is tripped, you are called (usually late at night while sleeping) and then you’re forced to make a decision if the police should be dispatched, or if you want to respond yourself. You know that most of the time alarm calls are “false” alarms and if the police are dispatched too many times you will be fined, so you go check it out yourself in the middle of the night.
Instead, let AWPA handle that painful burglary alarm call for you. Let us be the first to get the alarm call from your security alarm monitoring company, not the police.

Our experienced officers will then respond and visit your business location to determine if the police need to get involved. In the case of false alarms, we clear your facility, reset the alarm, and send you a report.

If we determine that the police are needed, we contact them, provide them access and any information they require, and we stay at your location until they release us. We will promptly notify you of the situation and assist in any way that we can.

Prearranged Transportation

What is Secure Executive Transportation?

Secure Executive Transportation is the provision of safe, secure and efficient driving services in support of traveling executives and their staff. This service is delivered by vetted professional security drivers utilizing a fleet of safety checked vehicles dedicated to the specific task.

Why do you need Secure Transport?

By utilizing AWPA you are reducing potential exposure to risks and hazards present when conducting business travel. Traveling executives are at greatest risk when in transit to and from office, accommodation, or airport locations. Secure transportation services harness local knowledge and intelligence in conjunction with vetted staff to deliver a safe and secure environment at all times.

Use of secure transportation minimizes the risk and exposure to non-criminal incidents (such as road traffic accidents, vehicle failure, and poor route selection) as well as dangerous scenarios such as theft, kidnapping, armed robbery, assault and other traumatic events.

Why shouldn’t I use local taxi or ride share services?

Taxis in many of the cities in which we operate do not require background checks and only basic licensing (if at all), therefore you never know who your driver will be until you enter the vehicle and have only limited ability to determine their validity. In certain countries taxis increase a traveler’s risk of being targeted by criminals.

Rideshare services may have an increased level of security compared to taxis, often knowing whom your driver is just prior to pick up. However vehicles are not safety-checked, the background checks are basic, and using rideshare in certain countries (if available) may increase the chances of being targeted by criminals or taxi drivers.

If you choose to use a local taxi provider or rideshare service, you are placing your security when you are potentially most vulnerable to an unknown entity and in a country or city where your lack of local knowledge reduces the likelihood of being able to identify emerging threats or risks.