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Integrity, Courage, Vigilance

About the Company

Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency is a service-related business wherein the industry’s services and needs are among the fastest-growing in the United States and the world abroad. The need for personal protective services, armed security, and security alike has always existed, but the terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 changed our world as we once knew it. It has changed forever the way Americans view their safety, security, and how the world does business. No longer is terrorism something we see on television or read about in the U.S.A. Today, The New York Times, or read about in other major newspapers. Terrorism is real, and it is here on our nation’s shores. Our government leaders and corporate managers now face the daunting task of determining what form this threat will take, and more importantly, what can they do about it. Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. provides the skills and experienced professionals to answer these questions.

Mission Statement

Excellence Is Not Our Mark, It’s Our Starting Point

In the world of global turmoil, a world where the risk of foreign and domestic terrorism and terrorist attacks set daily knocking at our doors, in a world where complacency should have no place, we must set the uncompromising standard of excellence throughout the world.  We are soldiers on our home shores.  Building and developing a global peacekeeping force and private protective agency which would surpass the public’s perceptions of security.  Security with new-age methodology and tactics to address an ever-changing violent world.  Each day our military and law enforcement men and women place their lives and personal safety at risk for the protection of others.  These dedicated men and women continue also to serve proudly with our police departments, fire departments, and with AWPA.

It is the mission of this company to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and the rights of its citizens.  To promote peace within our communities, and to encourage an environment where individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are not just rights that we think about, but enjoy.  An environment where children can play safely outside their homes, schools, or on playgrounds without the fear of being shot or abducted.  Where schools are institutions of higher learning, and not places of violent, traumatizing massacres.  That is the belief that Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency embraces.

AWPA’s goal is to provide quality and professional protective services in a professional, ethical manner and in accordance with federal and state regulations.  Officers of Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. will always encourage an environment of safety, officer’s safety first, then where our ethical standards and moral principles are never in question.

The need for this type of personal protection company has always existed, but the terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 changed our world as we once knew it, and it will never be the same.  It has changed forever the way Americans view their safety, security, and how the world does business.   We are not afraid of being the leader of change.  This is the type of leadership that makes Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency a success.

Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency is a professional and distinctive strategic and tactical business wherein its services and needs are among the fastest growing in the United States and the world abroad.

Our commitment to every client is excellence through education, training, and experience.

Well Trained Professionals

Our seasoned professionals include many former law enforcement officers, military personnel, executive protection specialists, security specialists, counter terrorism experts and consultants. These professionals examine and analyze threats and risk vulnerabilities, model their impact, and develop and implement proven methods that reduce the risk of domestic terrorism and terrorist attacks. Incorporated in the state of Tennessee in July 2004, and head-quartered in Cordova, Tennessee, Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc. is the product of more than twenty-five years’ experience and dedication of Thomas W. Bolling, a decorated military, law enforcement, and professional security expert. President and founder, Thomas W. Bolling, recognized the opportunity of today’s market potential for the development of a global private protective and security agency, which would surpass the public’s perception of the old Andy Griffith 1950’s and 1960’s image of the security service industry, which most other security companies still operate under today.

As a result of his experiences and studies, Thomas W. Bolling has realized that vision with a sharper image, highly-trained and managed executive protection and security agency with state-of-the-art equipment, tactics and a twenty-first-century-minded team of officers invigorating new blood and a renewed image, fashioned to quickly become the world’s market leader.


Veteran Owned and Operated

Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency, Inc is a veteran-owned and operated business formed to meet the world’s vast security needs and challenges head-on as we forge forward into a new world era. Our President, Thomas W. Bolling, leads an organization of well-trained executive protection specialists, security specialists, security consultants, managers, agents, and associates to provide you the highest level of threat-level security and customer satisfaction. Because the security field is so wide open, the market leaders of the next century have not yet emerged, and customer loyalty has not yet been established. This provides the opportunity and market such as Ambassador Worldwide Protection to introduce a paramilitary-type mentality, fresh appearance and well-executed strategic planning which commands respect and success. With this type of commitment and new blood and vigor being inserted into the market, the leading position based on results and service is surely within reach.

The Market

Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency is positioned to become the premier provider of Executive Protection Services, Domestic Security, Corporate Security, Emergency Disaster Forces, Consulting Peace-keeping Security Force, and International Security. The company is proud of its background and ability to provide quick and reliable service to clients regardless of their global location.

Currently there are approximately 77 security service-type companies chartered, incorporated, and operating within the Memphis, Shelby County Metropolitan Area. Many are generally poorly managed companies and provide very little relief to the region, to a large demand, for security services. Other companies are operating with an extremely high level of dissatisfaction of their services provided to customers and the general public. There are only five to six companies operating in the area which could be considered major industry contenders. These companies have established themselves as leaders and also carry a professional image associated with their names. Ambassador Worldwide Protection Agency through a well-established strategic management plan and with real-world application and formulation is positioned to become the industry’s leader.